Financial skills, rather, the acumen to do financial analysis and take sound financial decisions, are a critical skill that are sought in managers and leaders. Professional managers and leaders make consequential impact on financials of o rganizations they represent by taking day - to - day business decisions. To aid decision making, such as credit granting decision or determining R & D budget or sanctioning promotional expenses or determining value of a company, understanding and analysis of f inancial statements assumes paramount importance. Not all managers or leaders manage to analyze well, financially. Hence especially for non - finance professionals, understanding nuances of finance and applications of financial concepts should no longer re main a mystery. As these professionals move up the ladder in their careers, understanding of financial concepts becomes very important.

Our finance training workshop s aim at u nderstanding and a nalysis of f inancial s tatements facilitates dissecting the performance of a company through analysis of financial statements.

Execore Spectrum has developed financial workshops and modules on financial know - how, which are designed to cover financial reporting requirements, brief on accounting standards, structure of financial statements namely Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash flow Statement.

Considering the importance of finance in our personal lives, we also offer training on personal finance management , which helps participants to understand var ious investment vehicles and avenues, available in the country and which they can avail of, so as to optimally treat their savings. Our financial wellness workshops orient participants towards knowledge of several investment options available with their pr os and limitations, so that they can be aware and then take knowledgeable decisions. Financial wellness goes a long way in ensuring employee wellness & effectiveness at work.