A CustomerCentric Way Of Life

The Scenario

A leading insurance giant harnessed the synergies of digital marketing by leveraging their website design. Not only they stepped up on product designs to make them more relevant and attractive given the changing trends in mortality in the recent years, but also a convenient reach-out interface for interested prospects. Extensive marketing and advertising surely got in a lot of response, however, the hard hitting part was that their sales didn’t increase as anticipated. Already a lot of money had been invested in this entire planned initiative of the marketing and sales division, by hiring a credible digital marketing agency and relevant resources. When they approached Execore Spectrum, they did so with the intent of improving the sales team skills, so as to enhance sales. But that wasn’t the only area change was needed in.

Reality Check

The organisation was an industry leader when it came to taking initiative and experimenting. They assumed the way to go ahead was the digital way. While they were right, we found several things that could be addressed, so that the sales team could get close to the envisaged target. Right from the UI/UX design, to customer experience capture, to lead nurturing processes to how leads were being addressed, there was scope for enhancement in each of these stages.

What we delivered…

Getting down to basics, we first experienced what any typical customer would experience in the current scenario. Right from the first touch point to the point of signing-up/decline, we made our observations and aggregated our findings as follows-

  • Irrelevant Responses – a substantial chunk of the responses (internal analysis had this at an alarming 25%-30% of overall leads). With our analysis, we helped built in a validation/ qualification check in the process of application to filter out leads without potential.
  • UI/UX Design – End users were having to input substantial details on the website, for checking their eligibility. The entire process was fairly lengthy, one-way and more pessimistic than interesting. Execore Spectrum helped the client break the process down to a minimal and interactive process, getting the customer to realise and allowing them to decide at what stage they’d like to divulge more information. This in turn helped get better, qualified leads.
  • Processes – The entire process of lead generation, qualification and follow-up needed better addressing. Helping our client fix this gap, enabled them to reach out to qualified leads and not lose them owing to process gaps.

Increased Sales – the sales team had a generic approach to the leads that were shared. Bucketing leads, capability building exercises and splitting skill sets, helped us gain traction towards what the client was yearning for the most…..gradual increase in the sales numbers.

    What our Client had to say …

    We were short-sighted to think that it is only human performance that aids sales. Getting the environment enabled and the human-centred approach adopted by Execore Spectrum helped us view the problem multi-dimensionally. We’re thankful for their interventions that have helped us grow, that too sustainably.

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