Driving Crossfunctional Team Transformation

The Scenario

A popular domestic KPO, while embarking on a technology transformation, realized that people, processes and ways of working surrounding the new technology, too required to change in parallel. With our engagement, they were able to re-design the organization structure, optimise workflow and collaboration along with creating more efficient processes.

Reality Check

While the way forward was clear, what came across as a challenge was adapting to newer ways, which of course was easier said than done. With a workforce of 6000+, our client was grappling with serious concerns while coming to grips with the new technology. While the technology change was meant to bring about better efficiencies and effectiveness, people and their ways of doing things took a while to adapt.

What we delivered…

In order to drive a more holistic transformation, making people a part of the tech intervention was a journey. We commenced with reviewing the existing  organizational structure and delved deeper into how teams from different functions interacted while they worked. Along with identified stakeholders, we analyzed the newer business processes and brainstormed about how these could bring about new ways of working of the people, for the people and of course by the people. 

A detailed assessment by way of focus group interviews, review of job descriptions, performance evaluation processes and business processes was conducted. This provided a gap document of factors that could inhibit success vis-à-vis the new technology. Execore Spectrum had to engineer and evoke possibilities of these new ways; a task force was set up bringing together experts from different domains to ensure a holistic perspective towards the oncoming change. Workshops were facilitated to arrive at a solution that would work for all stakeholders and make processes efficient, while at the same time implementable. Deploying appreciative inquiry as a tool, we could finally get people to accept the technology, embrace the change positively.

What our Client had to say …

We were in a dilemma when the new technology didn’t really turnaround things the way we anticipated. It wasn’t long before we realized that this technology upgrade needed people acceptance. Our alliance with Execore Spectrum helped us plot this tech-people-process jigsaw puzzle.

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