What we strive towards

Execore Spectrum is a Pan India training and business consultancy services is on a journey to empower organisations to realise their potential, with a special focus on SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

Organizations continue to face the constant challenge of competition and sustenance. To cope up and overcome this, the organizational goals need to be driven by able leaders, in an encouraging environment. When you look for corporate training companies in Mumbai, Execore Spectrum is one of the top names you will come across.

At Execore Spectrum, we understand that to be able to shoulder more responsibilities and deliver better and impactful outcomes, we need to evolve and develop better leadership, amidst thriving cultures. Not only do we consult in change management areas, but also deliver corporate training programs.

Our team comprises of industry experts, consultants and highly experienced corporate trainers in India. Execore Spectrum is one of the best corporate training companies in India, offering a spectrum of people development programs to organizations.

Our Vision

To be a respected brand and ambassador of change and transformation.

Pan India training and business consultancy services

Our Values


“As a workforce, we are extremely human-centred in all our approaches, whether in our dealing internally with our own people or with customers or business partners. Our human-centred approach helps us build strong long-lasting relations. “

Acting with Integrity

“Integrity is the building block for all that we do. We stand committed to truth, trust, and transparency. We believe in doing the right thing, whether or not we’re being monitored.”

Push Limits

“We believe in challenging ourselves in all that we do. Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, we aim at little improvements along the way. We are forward thinking, and ready for embracing change.”

Impact Driven

“We strive to create positive impact for our customers, through the synergies of our shared values and collective efforts, to effect meaningful and necessary change and deliver excellence to our customers, colleagues, and communities.”

 Life-changing Business Transformation & Change Management

More than ever, we see the world today as complex and disruptive. Indeed, with changing times, organisations need to be fluid and adaptive, but that isn’t always the case, especially not with medium and small businesses.

Here’s where Execore Spectrum intends making a difference by making itself resourceful to businesses needing change and feeling challenged during volatile times. As a transformation and change agency, we help you envisage your organisation’s desirable future; plot business-favourable options and then we collaborate with you to implement approaches that will help you attain your organisations’ goals. We help augment your organisational strategy. Besides offering both offline and online facilitation on our home turf in Mumbai, we also conduct soft skill training in Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, and other cities.

Why Choose Us ?

As part of our people-centred approach, we cater to a wide variety of behavioural and functional training programs across India.  We feature among the top listed corporate training companies in India.

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Diverse Experience


Industry Expertise

Pan India training and business consultancy services
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Custom Solutions

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Functional Expertise

Our Team

We work with organisations to deliver the promise.


Gladys founded Execore Spectrum initially as a learning & executive development firm and eventually evolved it to the OD and Change Management entity it is today.

Gladys Narula



Anupama brings over two decades of rich experience in strategy and public communications.  She spearheads how Execore Spectrum is poised to reach out to audiences.

Anupama Subodhanan


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