The below Program can be facilitated to Corporates on their premises (In-house) as well as tailored (Custom) to suit their training requirements.
Besides these conventional learning needs, we also work with Corporates to draw up constructive training solutions to suit their specific learning needs.

Programme Location Date & Time Action
Financial Analysis for Business Decisions Webinar 24-Apr-2021 (1500-1800 hours)
25-Apr-2021 (1500-1800 hours)
30-Apr-2021 (1500-1800 hours)
01-May-2021 (1500-1800 hours)
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This programme will cover financial reporting requirements, brief on accounting standards, structure of financial statements namely Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash flow Statement. It will essentially help participants in doing financial analysis prior to major business decisions involving costing, forecasting and implementation.

Programme Outline:
* Financial Reporting
* Income (P&L) Statement
* Balance Sheet
* Financial Statement Analysis
- Cash Flow Statement
- Various ratios in financial analysis
- Du Pont Analysis
- Various types of ratios for in different sectors

Ideal for:
This programme is ideal for those who are not from a financial background and seeking to strengthen their understanding of finance in business.