The below Program can be facilitated to Corporates on their premises (In-house) as well as tailored (Custom) to suit their training requirements.
Besides these conventional learning needs, we also work with Corporates to draw up constructive training solutions to suit their specific learning needs.

Programme Location Date & Time Action
Building and Managing Strong Teams Webinar 28-08-2020 (16:00 - 18:00)
29-08-2020 (16:00 - 18:00)
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Designed for line managers and team leaders, our team-building workshop will teach you how to garner maximum team productivity through different stages of team building; it will also guide you in developing your team members and how to effectively address team challenges, overcome obstacles jointly and perform to deliver consistently and even better.

Programme Outline:
* Team building stages
* Typical disruptors in a team
* Cohesive Team Model
* Power of communication in bonding teams
* DiSC & Belbin Team Roles
* Leadership styles and approaches to managing teams
Ideal for:
Those who are managing groups and teams.
Presenting Effectively (Online) Webinar 11-09-2020 (16:00-18:00) Program Details | Pay Online
This programme will strengthen your understanding about what you need to present effectively to audiences. You will be equipped with necessary knowledge and tools required to present to any audience. You will learn how to present to people in a way that is interactive and engages them, as you make your mark confidently by delivering your presentations.

Programme Outline:
* Communication Types & Techniques
* Pre-requisites to effective presentations
* Audience engagement styles
* Structuring presentations
* Delivering presentations effectively
* Overcoming nervousness & anxiety
* Readying self for impromptu presentations
Ideal for:
Anyone who needs to create presentations or present to audiences.