The below Program can be facilitated to Corporates on their premises (In-house) as well as tailored (Custom) to suit their training requirements.
Besides these conventional learning needs, we also work with Corporates to draw up constructive training solutions to suit their specific learning needs.

Programme Location Date & Time Action
Feedback & Coaching for Performance Improvement Webinar 02-Nov-2020 (1500-1800 hours)
03-Nov-2020 (1500-1800 hours)
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This programme will help you engage with your team members as partners and stakeholders in the organization, which will help you to improve each individual’s performance and anticipate performance issues well before they arise.

Programme Outline:
* Dealing with performance issues within the team
* Different approaches to improve employee performance – training, coaching, mentoring
* Coaching & it’s importance in performance improvement
* Feedback – as a tool to improve performance
* Documenting performance progress / regress / digress
* Models for performance improvement

Ideal for:
> Team Managers
> Supervisors
> Project Leads
Negotiating a Win-Win Webinar 05-Nov-2020 (1500-1800 hours)
06-Nov-2020 (1500-1800 hours)
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This interactive workshop will help you understand the art of negotiation and how to use it effectively for self gain while at the same time sustaining requisite and important relationships.

Programme Outline:
* Introduction to Negotiation
* Understanding your strengths, existing styles and preferences as a negotiator
* Communication Styles & selecting an optimal communication style
* Developing your EI and ability to influence – using verbal & non-verbal communication mixes
* Stages of the Negotiation lifecycle
* Pre-negotiation preparation, setting objectives, win-win and fall back positions – BATNA
* Anticipating the opposite partys outlook and expectations and other factors

Ideal for:
This programme is ideal for all those executives who need to negotiate extensively and hence it applicable across functions like Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Procurement, Finance and possibly other core and support functions as well.
Problem Solving & Decision Making Webinar 25-Nov-2020 (1500-1800 hours)
26-Nov-2020 (1500-1800 hours)
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This program will help participants understand how to identify and solve problems along with several decision-making tools and styles.

Programme Outline:
* Spotting Problems
* Solving Problems
* Barriers to problem solving
* Approaches to Decision Making
* Decision-making Tools
Ideal for:
This program will help those profiles who influence or are responsible for decision making in their roles.