The below Program can be facilitated to Corporates on their premises (In-house) as well as tailored (Custom) to suit their training requirements.
Besides these conventional learning needs, we also work with Corporates to draw up constructive training solutions to suit their specific learning needs.

Programme City Date Aaction
Boost Sales Effectiveness Mumbai 02-03 Apr 2020 Download Brochure | Pay Online
This interactive and participatory programme will help participants get versed with techniques and approaches that they can deploy at work to enhance their sales performance.

Programme Outline:
* Introduction to Negotiation
* Understanding your strengths, existing styles and preferences as a negotiator
* Communication Styles & selecting an optimal communication style
* Developing your EI and ability to influence – using verbal & non-verbal communication mixes
* Stages of the Negotiation lifecycle
* Pre-negotiation preparation, setting objectives, win-win and fall back positions – BATNA
* Anticipating the opposite partys outlook and expectations and other factors
* Handling pressures and managing conflict
* Strategies to negotiating successfully
* Arriving at the final win-win outcome

Ideal for:
This programme will be of high value to people from Sales and Customer facing functions, in both B2C and B2B segments. It will yield high benefit to the following – >> Functions – Pre Sales, Sales, Business Development, Client Servicing and Operations >> Levels – Junior Management & Middle Management
Presenting Effectively Mumbai 08-Apr-2020 Download Brochure | Pay Online
This programme will strengthen your understanding about what you need to present effectively to audiences. You will be equipped with necessary knowledge and tools required to present to any audience – whether it’s your team, in crossteam meetings, your senior management circle or to clients. You will learn how to present to people in a way that is interactive and engages them, as you make your mark confidently by delivering your presentations.

Programme Outline:
* Overview of Communication
* Face-to-Face Communication styles
* The need for presentations
* Cornerstones of an effective presentation
* Audience management
* Delivering effective presentations
* Different Delivery Styles
* Visual Aids and Supporters
* Managing Self – Composure during presentation
* Extempore presentation

Ideal for:
Junior to Middle level Executives & Managers
Internalizing Customer-Centric Business Culture Mumbai 16-17 Apr 2020 Download Brochure | Pay Online
This program touches upon various perspectives around customer centricity and aim at developing a customer centric mindset in the participants, enhancing their teamwork efficacy towards achieving the organizational goals and profitability.

Programme Outline:
* Communication – overcoming challenges and developing customer-centric communication techniques
* Re-orienting operating models around the Customer
* Customer Relationship Building, Sustenance & Growth
* Understand the B.C.T.C (Business Model-Culture-Talent-Competencies) Model
* Building competitive advantage with “Wow” factors that customers value
* Consider the power of VoC and how to take advantage of it
* Team & organizational synergies to drive successful Customer stories

Ideal for:
for Executives responsible in creating and contributing to Customer Experience in their organization. Unlike the general thinking that the program is ideal for Customer Service and Sales professionals, this program will add value to executives from Production, Strategy, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and vital customer fulfilment points like Quality, Technology, Supply Chain, etc.
Financial Analysis for Business Decisions Mumbai 23-24 Apr 2020 Download Brochure | Pay Online
This programme will cover financial reporting requirements, brief on accounting standards, structure of financial statements namely Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash flow Statement. It will essentially help participants in doing financial analysis prior to major business decisions involving costing, forecasting and implementation.

Programme Outline:
* Financial Reporting
* Income (P&L) Statement
* Balance Sheet
* Financial Statement Analysis
- Cash Flow Statement
- Various ratios in financial analysis
- Du Pont Analysis
- Various types of ratios for in different sectors

Ideal for:
This programme is ideal for those who are not from a financial background and seeking to strengthen their understanding of finance in business.