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Terms and Conditions of Use

Visitors to/Users of our site (www.execorespectrum.com) are advised to read our Terms and Conditions of Use (T&Cs), before using or registering themselves on the site; in the absence of which it will be deemed that you have accepted our T&Cs in full.

execorespectrum.com and the services offered therein are fully owned and operated by EXECORE SPECTRUM LLP, a firm which is in the business of offering Training Solutions to Individuals & Corporates, and, having its regisisterd office at A-204, Rainbow, Raheja Vihar, Chandivali, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 072.

The T&Cs enlisted herein were last updated on January 8, 2020.

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Use

1.1 Visitors who do not find the content on our site acceptable or are not in agreement with the listed content, are advised to leave our site immediately and not use it any further.

1.2 Our T&Cs may change and will be updated from time to time depending on the changes witnessed in the business, sector or regulations. Users and Visitors are advised to regularly check our website so that they are not affected adversely.

1.3 Users/Visitors are not permitted to use crawlers or other data mining techniques/programs to download information for their commercial use. Kindly refrain from copying, reproducing and redistributing information made available on execorespecctrum.com. Also, you are not permitted to embed any of our site content (images and/or text), partly or fully, in any other website, nor link your website to any of the webpages of execorespectrum.com except for the homepage, only for our referral/identification purposes.

2. Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights

2.1 All trademarks and intellectual property and designs enlisted on our site are either solely owned by EXECORE SPECTRUM LLP and/or its partners and/or affiliates. Your use of our site does not grant you any right(s) to the trademark(s), intellectual property(ies) or any other propreitary contained herein that is owned by EXECORE SPECTRUM LLP or its partners and/or affiliates; you are not permitted to use or copy these in any way.

2.2 While our Users/Visitors are welcome to download information and content on our site for their personal and non-commercial use (for self and for their employees), we do not permit anyone to copy, republish or recreate information and content made available on our site for redistribution to public and/or for commercial purposes.

2.3 Any breach of the above, will be legally pursued and actioned by EXECORE SPECTRUM LLP.

3. Site Information and Availability

3.1 It is our endeavor to constantly improve our site by making it more informative and useful to our Users and Clients. Also, execorespectrum.com is a 24/7 site however, there could be possibilities of downtime on account of requisite maintenance routines, system failures and/or conditions beyond our control (force-majeure), for which we are not liable.

4. Liability

4.1 While we endeavor to ensure what is published on our site is accurate and correct, we do not warrant that the information published is free of errors and will not be held liable for the same. We will however ensure to remedy such erroneous information / representation at the earliest once it is brought to our notice.

4.2 Our representation is restricted to our services and offerings. We do not represent nor give any warranty in context to other information published on our site that may include, but is not limited to, information/advice/opinions/views of other visitors, clients, partners and other external parties that are made on a personal or general basis or advertorial material. You will not hold EXECORE SPECTRUM LLP responsible or liable for any action or decision that you take basis published information unless you specifically seek clarification from us in writing. You may also choose to take professional advice before you take decisions/actions.

4.3 We will not be liable for suitability, performance, expected quality or adaptability (for a particular purpose) of the content that is published on/ accessible through our site. Nor do we warrant virus proof content. Users/Visitors are adivised to have necessary IT infrastructure and requisite anti-virus programs to ensure safe download of our information and content.

4.4 Access of third party sites, through hyperlinks which may be published in our site (for informative, reference or convenience purposes) is solely at your own risk. We do not undertake responsibility for representations and warranties made by such third party sites and will not be held liable for any actions/transactions between you and the third party.

4.5 We are not liable for damages/penalties that may arise on account of any incorrect information, withholding of information or misrepresentation made by you to us OR on account of your failure to comply with legal / regulatory protocol as is applicable by law.

5. Data Privacy and Use

5.1 Personal information and data obtained by us will be treated confidentially and is never sold to outsiders.

5.2 Personal data will however be used in our routine marketing and analysis activities. To know more about the same, kindly refer to our Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the T&Cs for use of execrorespectrum.com.

6. Enforcement & Indemnification

6.1 Our Terms and Conditions of Use of this site are binding to all Visitors/Users.

6.2 In case of a breach of these T&Cs, EXECORE SPECTRUM LLP reservers the right to terminate your use of the site and take requisite legal action(s) as deemed necessary.

6.3 In the event of our failure to enforce any of these T&Cs, no Visitor/User will consider the same to be a waiver of such a right by us. We reserve the right to remedy such failures and will take action as necessary.

6.4 You agree to indemnify EXECORE SPECTRUM LLP, its employees, agents, business partners, and any third parties (catering to or servicing execorespectrum.com) against all damages, losses and related expenses that arise, including legal fees, resulting from any violation of these T&Cs (including negligent or willful misconduct) by you/anyone using this site and its services.

7. Governance & Jurisdiction

7.1 The aforelisted Terms and Conditions of Use of execorespectrum.com and all matters related to them are governed by Indian Law. Any related disputes, including but not limited to claims, would be arbitrated in an appropriate court(s) in the city of Mumbai only.

8. Communication

For any questions or clarification you may have, kindly connect with us on info@execorespectrum.com.