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Execore Spectrum helps you set relevant business priorities, outline plans for growth, construct product roadmaps or design customer journeys. As part of our services, we offer diverse business consultancy services, including pan India training.

While our focus is SMBs of India, we also undertake corporate training. Be it leadership training or specific behavioural upskilling, Execore Spectrum facilitates a wide range of people development programs.

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Data & Analytics

Our Analytics team helps you
get insights from your data.

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Process & Business Optimization

We help you refine and optimize your business processes, to improve efficiencies.

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Capability Building

We create disciplines
within teams, to enable a
mindset of change, thereby
transforming behaviour & work.

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Techno-Structural Augmentation

We enable you to leverage technology in your structural design, so that you are competitive.


Our Spectrum of Change Management Services

Employee Training and Development in Mumbai

CHANGE- through different lenses

Constant evaluations about ‘status quo’ in any business through several lenses, whether the lens of an employee, customer, culture, process(es), or technology, help you benchmark where you stand as a business in a competitive landscape. However, existing situations and scenarios limit the time businesses have for maneuvering through challenges. Execore Spectrum offers you commendable support through its solutions, supported with plausible insights and extensive expertise. Yes! We promise to be your strongest change partner in your transformation quest. Execore Spectrum’s course on communication spans across different management levels – right from junior to mid to senior level executives. 

People are an organization’s greatest asset, but at the same time, they come from diverse geographies, backgrounds, upbringing, and education. We have a panel of experts comprising of business communication trainers and talent developers. These dynamics often tend to create conflicts or prolonged interactions, either of which is undesirable and/or unhealthy. At Execore Spectrum, we help your teams become flexible and adaptive so that they are able to work towards common goals, with a unified vision. Our corporate courses focus on employee productivity and ingraining much needed workplace etiquette. 

The customer is at the fulcrum of every organization’s operations. All organizational functions need to align to balance well that one focal point – the Customer. And even while businesses try to excel for their customers, they can face challenges in their approaches to do so. Customer-centricity is an attitude and we help you get it right by mapping your customer’s journey, their needs, and the value proposition you can craft. The result – redesigned customer solutions woven around your organization values, to enable customer base growth and loyalty. 

If people and practices vary, needless to say, cultures too vary. Different cultures motivate (or demotivate) people in different ways. Organizations need to be aware of their deeply embedded cultures, overt and covert, which eventually are responsible for why things are done the way they are done. Culture deficiencies can result in severe organization challenges, which is where Execore Spectrum step in to create a difference and enable adaptive, collaborative culture. 

All organizations have processes, nonetheless, they face challenges and complexities which render their processes cumbersome and/or less effective. Our team draws insights from the data they obtain from the client organization, and help map processes end to end. We help businesses to adopt new techniques, to help improve operational efficiencies. At Execore Spectrum ,We align your processes to the vision and values you embody, help you develop the much needed competitive edge, and drive your success.

Technology has been revolutionizing at a stunning pace. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have enabled organizations to pay heed to employee requisites and support these by programming people behaviors and pre-empting actions, cutting short time lags. Undeniably, technological changes implemented by businesses mostly serve as enablers of the envisioned change; but, it is also true that changing technology has proven to be the core driver behind effective change management.  Our experts can partner with you effectively to leverage the right technology for your business, not just making it savvy, but also highly competitive.

Get stimulated by our Transformation Journeys

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