An organisation which invests in creating skills that drive knowledge creation, acquisition and sharing and is willing to modify behaviour based on any new knowledge that presents its self can be classified as a learning organisation. 

Benefits of a learning organisation

  1. Aids in embracing and tackling a constantly changing environment
  2. Building block to becoming a prominent player in the market
  3. Has a positive impact on employee engagement and retention rates

Learning can be practiced in business processes, systems and people. It can be done by introducing new information systems to improve related organisation practices. It can be done by developing new customer products and offerings using newly found insights. You can also look at investing in training and development or skill enhancement programmes for your employees

Organisations invested in learning also ensure employees are encouraged to pursue learning actively. Celebrating innovative ideas to improve products, service or customer experience could be one way. Celebrating employees who have used learning budgets, adding learning goals towards personal and professional paths ensures learning is ongoing and looked forward to.

With the ability to learn and adapt, your organisation can pivot into being a game changer in your industry. If you are interested in transitioning or creating a learning organisation, get in touch with

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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