“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs

As the IPL fever surges in the country, we are witness to the efforts of team work and high performance every day on our screens.. For almost 40 years team performance has always featured on the top 10 business topics (Reference : Leading Organisations: Ten timeless Truths by Scott Keller and Mary Meaney).. It is no surprise then that every business owner and stakeholder is preoccupied with setting up and building teams which constantly perform higher than set benchmarks

Building a high performing team

Five traits of a high performing team

A high performing team cannot just have the best people come together. In the absence of alignment and work synergy these teams may feel lost and not perform as per expectations. High quality interaction and embodiment of trust are required to ensure risks are taken, new paths are forged and creative breakthroughs are achieved.

A high performing team requires to have the following traits:

  1. Open communication within the team and a culture of trust and engagement, interdependent loops of feedback and healthy relations must be created and fostered
  2. Deep sense of purpose and commitment to the vision, mission and goals at organisation level and team level
  3. Clear understanding of team responsibilities and mutual accountability towards team members
  4. Flexible and responsive reflex by the team to the changing environment enables real time problem resolutions
  5. Having fun while doing the work, loving what you do, creates a positive environment and fuels drive to meet challenges

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