Transforming Old, Redundant Ways Of Working

The Scenario

One of our early transformation journeys, where Execore Spectrum helped a legal firm deal with the monotone and mundane routine of working with papers. The amount of documentation involved in law agencies isn’t news. Not just the paperwork, but the processes and end-user experience, were all overwhelming to the extent of the firm queuing up business for future, with no surety of getting it or losing it to competition.

When Execore Spectrum was roped in to deal with the situation, we were quick to identify the vulnerable areas of exhaustive manual documentation, complex processes & broken collaboration between teams of paralegals and lawyers. The management was eagerly wanting to change how things were working and we couldn’t be more hopeful in terms of contribution from their side.

Reality Check

Across industries, including legal, one cannot rule out the role that technology plays in transforming efficiencies. There was a clear cut opportunity with our client to adopt more recent technology for their research and core document platform, which was otherwise lagging behind in a huge manner causing them to deliver slower and delayed results. This situation was also causing friction within the organisation and internal teams. Unless this was quickly arrested and addressed, the firms business was plummeting at an alarming rate. It had to reinvent itself if it wanted to remain competitive.

What we delivered…

First things first, we had to propose more effective and emerging technologies to the client and despite initial resistance owing to premium costs, the client decided to deploy our recommendation. Our next attention was to the complicated legacy processes and procedures of the firm. From a process improvement perspective, we facilitated focused group discussions to come up with creative and less time-consuming methods of doing things; ways in which transactions could be sped up, resulting in reduced turnaround times. In our last leg of implementing change, we gave the firm an absolute makeover by way of capability and collaboration enhancement. 

What our Client had to say…

Thanks to Execore Spectrum’s change mechanics, we are now better poised to take on opportunities in the legal space, even beyond the areas of our expertise. Indeed, the change implementations have not just increased the firms’ efficacy and employee performance but the best part of all is effective and smooth client interactions.

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